Hoop House

A hoop house (or high tunnel) is an unheated greenhouse structure usually made by stretching plastic over a skeleton of metal hoops in order to house several rows of crops across multiple seasons.

Our 30’x 60’ hoop house, located behind the Fitness and Wellness Center, provides ample space for diverse projects. A hoop house differs from the existing two gardens on campus because it can be used for all-season produce production. It provides the insulation and protection from harsh weather changes that would allow students to plant crops during fall quarter to harvest throughout winter quarter, significantly increasing students’ ability to produce food with efficiency and comprehension.


The Hoop House area is located in the field behind the Fitness and Wellness Center. Google Maps Location

Hoop House Stewards

The Hoop House and surrounding gardens are cared for by a variety of classes, Amy Newday (Mellon Fellow for Experiential Learning), student leadership positions with the Just Food Collection with the Center for Civic Engagement and the Center for Environmental Stewardship.

Hoop House Stewards

Gardens & Growing Spaces Intern, Center for Environmental Stewardship: Gabrielle.Riaz20@kzoo.edu

Civic Engagement Scholar, Just Food Collective: Eleanor.Carr19@kzoo.edu

Civic Engagement Scholar, Just Food Collective: Rachel.Molho20@kzoo.edu