The Grove is the forest area between the Living Learning Houses, the Arcus Center for Social Justice, and the Trowbridge parking lot. The entrance is to the right of the stairs in the DeWaters parking lot. The Grove is home to a variety of different organisms as well as the buckets, tools, and compost piles the Composting Crew uses to process the food waste we collect. The piles are maintained throughout the school year and when the piles are finished, the soil is open to everyone!  

The Composting Program continues to be student-led with the support of Facilities Management and the Environmental Stewardship Center; founded in 2009 by Rob Townsend (Facilities Management Emeritus). Kalamazoo College students, faculty and staff drop off their compost while the Composting Crew collects food waste around campus. Throughout the school year, the Composting Program aims to inform the campus community about the ecological environment alongside our relationship to food and waste.

Welcome to the Grove sign